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Please contact us about our available flavors before placing your order.

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While our Sassy Pops are delicious, they may also contain egg, dairy, wheat, gluten, and other possible  allergen-containing ingredients.

Sassy Pops will not assume any liability from adverse reactions from food consumed.

Customers with food allergies should purchase responsibly.

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NOTE: Sassy Pops are made by a cottage food business that is not subject to Maryland food safety regulations.

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** Certain Sassy Pops products are infused and soaked with premium Rum/Liquer.  Must be 21 years or older to purchase Rum/Liquer infused products.

“GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.”



Apple Cinnamon - a sweet combination of apples, cinnamon and brown sugar; swirled with cream cheese, dipped in red candy with white drizzle.

Banana Caramel - a sweet banana loaf swirled with gooey caramel and walnuts, dipped in chocolate candy with yellow drizzle.

Black Forest - a rich, dark-chocolate cake infused with maraschino cherries and chocolate frosting, dipped in white candy, and topped with chocolate drizzle.

Brookie - a pecan fudge brownie baked and a sweet sugar cookie baked together and adorned with a single roasted pecan...the best of both worlds.

Brownie Bites - a chewy, chocolate-fudge brownie loaded with pecans and topped with vanilla candy and colorful sprinkles.

Caramel Crumb Cake - a delicious crumb-cake loaded with sweet cinnamon and brown sugar, dipped in white candy, and dusted with gourmet caramel candy sprinkles.

Carrot Cake - a dense, classic, cinnamon cake loaded with carrots, sweet pineapples, and walnuts; dipped in vanilla candy and topped with sweet orange drizzle.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip - this time we are keeping it simple: a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate chips, dipped in chocolate and branded with a candy coated "3C."  Chocolate goodness...sweet and simple.

Chocolate Peanut Butter - a Reese's® lover's dream!  Chocolate cake with Reese's™ Peanut Butter chips baked in; double-dipped first in peanut butter, then chocolate candy; and topped with a sweet peanut butter treat.

Coconut Cream Supreme - a sweet coconut cake enriched with coconut flakes, swirled with cream cheese frosting, dipped in vanilla candy, and topped with roasted coconut.

Cookies-n-Cream - a creamy French Vanilla cake swirled with sweet pudding and Oreo™ cookies, dipped in vanilla candy and dusted with chocolate Oreo™ cookie crumbles.

French Vanilla Swirl - reminiscent of a chocolate-dipped donut, this french vanilla cake - dipped in dark chocolate, and adorned with white candy sprinkles - pops with flavor.

German Chocolate - a light, chocolate cake filled with a mix of coconut, caramel and pecans, wrapped in milk chocolate, and adorned with sweet coconut flakes.

Happy Birthday - celebrate every day with this simple, sweet vanilla cake: swirled with whipped cream cheese frosting, dipped in blue candy, and adorned with colorful confetti sprinkles.

Hummingbird - a decadent springtime delight of vanilla, pineapples, coconut, bananas, and cinnamon blended together, dipped in white candy, and topped with crushed walnuts.

Key Lime - a light, citrus cake of delightful flavors: sweet cream and lime zest; dipped in candy and sprinkled with candy pearls.

L'Amour - love at first bite!  A moist strawberry cake dipped in dark chocolate and adorned with a chocolate heart in the middle of sweet red candy.  Everything a girl loves.

Lemon Poppy Seed - a butter pound-cake blended with the delightful summertime flavors of vanilla, honey, lemon and sugar; wrapped in yellow candy, and dusted with fresh poppy seeds.

Mint Chocolate - a cool, refreshing treat.  Chocolate fudge cake infused with sweet mint, dipped in chocolate mint candy, and adorned with crushed peppermint.  An after dinner delight.

Orange Dreamsicle - a moist orange cake swirled with cream cheese and orange zest, double-dipped in white and orange candy, melting with sweet goodness.

Peach Mango Tropical - Welcome to the islands!  A tropical blend of peaches, mangoes, and pineapples in a sweet cake; dipped in orange candy with white drizzle.

Pinapple Passion Our prize-winning cake of moist pineapple swirled with cream cheese, crushed pineapples and coconut cream; dipped in yellow candy, and dusted with fresh, roasted coconut.

Pound Cake - an old-fashioned, moist pound cake with a hint of vanilla and lemon...just like mom used to make!  Dipped in purple vanilla candy and silver sprinkles.

Pucker Up! - a fresh and zingy, lemon cake packed with a punch of lemon; blended with whipped cream cheese frosting, and dipped and drizzled with sweet candy.  Lemons never tasted so sweet!

Pumpkin - the taste of Fall is here in this moist, pumpkin cake mixed with whipped cream cheese, pumpkin spice and cinnamon; dipped in orange candy with sprinkles.

Red Velvet - a classic cake with a subtle chocolate taste, enhanced with a hint of cream cheese, dipped in white candy, and dusted with chocolate and red sprinkles.

Rocky Road - a MUST for the chocolate lover!  A moist, chocolate-fudge cake exploding with chocolate chips, walnuts, gooey marshmallows, and rich chocolate frosting; double-dipped in dark chocolate and marshmallow candy, and topped with a chocolate-dipped, mini marshmallow.  IT'S A CHOCOLATE EXPLOSION!!

S'mores - a rich chocolate cake swirled with sweet marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate frosting; double-dipped in marshmallow and dark chocolate candy; and topped with crunchy, crushed graham crackers!

Strawberry Delight - a light, strawberry cake swirled with cream cheese frosting and a sweet strawberry ganache, dipped in bright-pink candy with a pop of white candy sprinkles.

Sweet Potato Pop-n-Pies - a petite pie with a delicious blend of sweet potatoes, cinnamon, sugar, and milk; encased in a flaky crust, and dusted with brown sugar.


ADULT POP FLAVORS (infused with premium liquor)

Butter Rum** - a moist butter cake baked AND soaked with rich, dark Bacardí® Black Rum. A premium rum adding a smooth, bold flavor to this delicious Pop.

Crown Apple** - a moist cake filled with sweet apples and infused and soaked with Crown Royal Apple Premium Liquor.

Fireball Pop** -a liquor-enriched Pop not for the faint of heart!  A moist butter cake baked AND soaked with Fireball® Cinnamon Whiskey: the top selling whiskey brand in the USA!

Pina Colada**- a sweet pineapple cake, infused with Bacardí® Pineapple Rum, and loaded with fresh coconut and pineapples, dipped in yellow candy, and dusted with coconut flakes.

Irish Delight** - a Swiss chocolate cake baked and soaked with smooth Baileys® Irish Cream Liqueur.  A premium whiskey making this a smooth, sweet Pop.

Tropical Rum Punch** - "Ahoy, matey!"  This tropical cake of peach, mango, and fresh pineapple and coconut infused and soaked with Cruzan® Tropical Fruit Rum is sure to bring the islands to you.

Chocolate Hennessy** a smooth, moist, chocolate cognac cake loaded with sweet chocolate morsels and Hennessy®.



Banana Pudding a creamy, sweet, banana pudding layered with fresh bananas and butter cookies with a crumble top.

Baileys® Chocolate Mousse** - a chocolate fudge cake layered with whipped chocolate mousse infused with Hershey's® Chocolate and baked AND soaked with Baileys® Irish Cream (a smooth blend of Irish whiskey and cream liqueur), with an Oreo crumble top.

Bacardi Bomb** -a moist butter rum cake soaked with rich, dark Bacardí® Black Rum and layered with a fluffy, hand-whipped Bacardi Rum mousse.

Carrot Cake Cheesecake - a moist carrot cake loaded with walnuts, layered with creamy cheesecake and hand-whipped cream, and adorned with cinnamon sprinkles and fresh chopped walnuts.

Chocolate Velvet Kisses - a moist, Red Velvet cake layered with sweet, hand-whipped Hershey's Chocolate mousse.

Hummingbird Delight - a moist, banana, spice cake loaded with tons of yummy goodness (coconut, pineapple, walnuts, sugar) layered with a  sweet, hand-whipped, banana coconut mousse, and adorned with fresh coconut.

King Crown** - a moist, Crown Apple rum-infused cake with baked apples layered with sweet, premium, Crown Apple-whipped mousse.

Lemon Meringue Cake - a delicious dream of creamy lemon goodness smoothed over a fresh graham cracker crust, layered with sweet lemon cake, lemon mousse, and adorned with fresh lemon zest.

Lovers' Kiss- The best of both worlds!  A moist strawberry cake layered between whipped, chocolate mousse, sliced fresh, sweet strawberries, and adorned with candy sprinkles and a single chocolate kiss.  "Ah, L'Amour!!!"

Strawberry Shortcake - a moist, yellow angel food cake layered with sweet strawberries and fresh whipped cream, and adorned with strawberry slices.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake - yummy sweet potatos swirled into creamy cheesecake filled with all of the flavors of a Fall pie (cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar) atop of a fresh graham cracker crust, and finished with hand-whipped cream with cinnamon sprinkles.



All salted pretzel rods are dipped in flavored candy and adorned with a variety of sweet confections/candy.

Birthday Cake - a celebration delight with the sweet flavor of cake icing adorned with a burst of colorful birthday sprinkles. (Yellow/Multi-color)

Chocolate Peanut Butter - a perfect blend of dipped dark chocolate and peanut butter drizzle. (Brown)

Cookies-n-Cream Crunch - an ice-cream delight transformed with a crunch and crushed Oreo® sprinkles. (White/Black)

Peppermint - a creamy refreshing mint of dipped goodness and dusted sugar crystals. (White/Red)

Pumpkin Spice - a nod to Fall with the spicy blend of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and, of course, sweet sugar sprinkles. (Orange)

S'more Smores - the campfire taste of roasted marshmallow and chocolate with graham cracker and chocolate crumbles. (Tan)

Salted Caramel - gooey goodness of caramel with a hint of salt and crunchy crumbled candy bar. (Tan)

Snickers® Bomb - dark chocolate, caramel and peanut butter swirled together and topped with Snickers® bits. (Brown)

Strawberry Crunch - juicy flavor of strawberries with pink sugar berry sprinkles. (Pink)

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